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The previous edition of the telokanda white-paper posted on 26th November 2019 before the launch of telokanda 1.0 can be seen on this steemit post ( and it has been reviewed and edited, today 24th December, 2019 for modifications and better adjustments.

The content of this white paper would be made effective after the telokanda 1.1 dapp has been launched.

Read any of these articles below in order to understand telokanda 1.0 which is already operational on word press prototype for telokanda.




Telokanda is a community to attract Africans and other interested people from various part of the world to TELOS in order to create deeper engagements. Telokanda will attract Africans and other people interested in blockchain technology, EOSIO, and steem (including large existing steem communities) to the telokanda platform. Telokanda will create a hub of content and community for African blockchain fans. Our focus on social education and entertainment will create a rich environment that will retain users and focus their passion for crypto towards Telos and Telos-based dapps like Sesacash, SEEDs, Havuta, and more.

The Telokanda team is a group of brilliant young minds, creatively working together as a smart team to build Telos based projects in order to give more use case to TLOS and add more value to the Telos network.

Telokanda was co-founded by two west Africans (From Nigeria) and an American (From USA).

“Telokanda is a community that rewards their users with TEDA, KANDA and TLOS for just taking some certain actions and completing certain tasks on the telokanda platform. The rewards are given with respect to the type of telokanda account a user has and the type of action or task the user completes!”

TEDA is the native token of the telokanda platform and it is meant to reward users respectively for some of the specified actions they take on the Telokanda platforms. TEDA will have a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens and each token will be payed out socially with transfers and would serve as rewards taken on the telokanda platforms.

KANDA is a steem-engine token meant to reward post shared on the tribe of telokanda, which uses telokanda tags and other telokanda related tags on steemit.

TLOS is the coin of from the TELOS blockchain of which telokanda is being built upon. This is the coin users of telokanda have to buy and stake in their accounts in order to gain TEDA or KANDA rewards. The higher the stake, the higher the rewards.

Telokanda will encourage, the buying and holding of TLOS tokens and TEDA to upgrade a telokanda account into a higher version. (Read more on “types of telokanda accounts below) is the web address for the Telokanda’s main website!

The telokanda website is already in operation as a word-press website giving telokanda related task to telokandians perform and get reward explained carefully on this posts: nicked Telosads and it is known to be the first advertisement network on Telos network. It is also the first project that telokanda community will launch on their website, where users can buy and sell adverts and also get rewarded for taking actions on other people’s advertisement. which would be a section on the dapp, citizens of telokanda (called Telokandians) can get educated about TELOS network, blockchain/cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency trading.we will post video contents on YouTube and the URL to the video will be available on so Telokandans can click the video, watch and learn about the topic being discussed and will also get rewarded for taking such actions. will be an entertainment platform that integrates music, comedy, TV shows and other forms of entertainments by Telokandians and for Telokandians, and telokandians that takes parts in creating the entertainment or gets entertains will get rewarded respectively.

Many more ideas will to come from Telokanda as time goes on and they will all be launched as a sub-domain on the telokanda website.

Each ideas has different purposes and different use cases but each one will always create a new portal for on boarding more people into the cryptocurrency sphere, to buy and hold TELOS native tokens, TLOS in order to add more value to it.


Telokanda is really a great project which needs to be funded by TELOS foundation as soon as possible.

From telokanda social media pages on telegram, twitter and steemit users are on boarded into TELOS community to perform TELOS and telokanda related task and get rewarded with kanda tokens from steem-engine!

PROJECT 1 is called “telosads” which would be available on the telokanda mobile application and website through this domain, where users would buy and sell ads and also get rewarded for taking actions on ads which will vary with respect to the type of telokanda accounts they own.

PROJECT 2 is called the “teloseducation”, available on telokanda mobile application and website this is where new users of telos and telokanda which has just been on boarded into the sphere will get education for free about blockchains, cryptocurrencies, telokanda and of course TELOS foundation.

PROJECT 3 is called the “telosentertainment” available on telokanda website and mobile application. Where Telos based entertainment and blockchain entertainment would be broadcast to telokanda users and this will really help to promote Telos through various entertainments like comedy, music etc.


We are currently promoting TELOS on all our social media pages, beginning from our telegram group chat which has over 300+ active members to our discord channel, twitter page, medium blogs, steemit blogs, Facebook page, and Instagram page. We try to tip every new member of telokanda on our telegram channel with at least 1TLOS and are catching up the requirements for a balance of ease of use and active engagement (So we aren’t just tipping without getting something in return). We fill in the gaps of this early phase of Telos making social media posts, inviting new users to our telegram and we promote TELOS Blockchain, telos dapps and try to adhere to Telos Foundation principles in the process. We also have a word press website (Steempress and Wordproof ready) that we use as the telokanda 1.0 network launchpad, ready for Scatter/SQRL integration.

The Telokanda 1.0 Launchpad starts from the Word press site, and extends to into an advertising dapp built on telos. This is where Telokanda development bounties come in and the TLOS requested in this proposal will be used to pay Telokanda developers to build the telokanda hub of contents!

We even have plans to have KANDA and TEDA tokens added to Sesacash and allow African Users to withdraw KANDA and TEDA to local mobile money MTN local fiat and utilize the SQRL Telos Bancor liquidity pool

We also have a word press website that we use as the telokanda 1.0 networks to task and reward our users who help in Telos promotion. Check and read this post which explains Telokanda 1.0 better (


Our telegram group chat is:

Our twitter Page is:

Our steemit blog is

Our medium page is:

Our discord link is


Telokanda is on a mission to add value to the TELOS ecosystem and also will help increase the market value of TLOS for TELOS investors and holders. Telokanda community will support the big growth of TELOS by launching great projects which will be beneficial to both the users of telokanda platform (otherwise called telokandians) and the TELOS investors.

Telokanda has vision of creating a decentralized app on the TELOS blockchain that will support the growth of the TELOS network and will add more value to the TLOS tokens by creating more use cases for it.

OUR MOTTO: “Telokanda, reward for actions!”


Telokanda is set to use three main tokens and three other useful tokens associated to telokanda tokens and projects on the platform, making it a total of six cryptocurrencies available for transactions on the Telokanda network.

TEDA is Telokanda’s main token, would be used to reward users who makes use of any project launched on TELOKANDA for the specific actions they take. Not all actions might be rewarded and the rewards for each action differs with respect to the type of TELOKANDA account and the type of action taken. It would also be used for staking, read more in the additional information attached below.

TLOS is the coin from the TELOS blockchain of which TELOKANDA is built on, and it is the coin which users of the telokanda network has to buy in order to upgrade their kanda accounts to a higher level. The higher the kanda account, the higher the rewards in TEDA. TLOS is the major token for staking which would help determine the rewards.

KANDA a steem-engine token on steemit created by TELOKANDA. It is used to reward posts on steemit that uses the Telokanda tags or tags of projects related to TELOKANDA. Users of telokanda and telokanda associated posts on steemit will also be rewarded with upvotes from @telokanda on steemit.

EOS is a coin used on the EOS network, a sister blockchain of TELOS, which uses EOSIO software, same with TELOS.

EOS can be used to purchase TLOS, TEDA and KANDA on the telokanda platform

STEEM is another coin which can be used to purchase tokens on telokanda. TLOS, TEDA and KANDA

BTC the king can also be used to purchase TLOS, TEDA and KANDA on the telokanda network.


Any post on steemit that is about telos and telokanda and also uses the tags : telokanda, kanda, teda, telos, tlos and other telokanda related projects will get an upvote from @telokanda on steemit and will also get rewards in kanda tokens on steem-engine.


All adverts posted by telokandians would only visible for 72 HOURS and will be visible to other users to take action in respect to audience of the user’s Telokanda account! By burning your TEDA tokens, your ads will be made visible to telokandians and 50% discount is given if advertisement time is renewed at least 6 hours before it expires.
To burn your TEDA tokens for ads, you send the required amount of tokens to the instructed account.

Adverts posted from Kanda 1 account can only be visible to 20% of the Users of the TELOKANDA platform and will burn $1 worth of TEDA!
Adverts posted from Kanda 2 account can only be visible to 40% of the Users of the TELOKANDA platform and will burn $2 worth of TEDA!
Adverts posted from Kanda 3 account can only be visible to 60% of the Users of the TELOKANDA platform and will burn $3 worth of TEDA!
Adverts posted from Kanda 4 account can only be visible to 80% of the Users of the TELOKANDA platform and will burn $4 worth of TEDA!
Adverts posted from Kanda 5 account can only be visible to 100% of the Users of the TELOKANDA platform and will burn $5 worth of TEDA!

Five free adverts are available for all new Telokanda accounts, and users can also earn free adverts as bonus from time to time.


For users who cannot afford to upgrade to a higher Telokanda account, they can pay to sponsor their ads with only TLOS or TEDA tokens, sponsored ads can only last for 24 hours

SPONSORSHIP TO kanda 2 level (40% of the users of TELOKANDA) will cost $5 worth of TLOS in 24 hours
SPONSORSHIP TO kanda 3 level (60% of the users of TELOKANDA) will cost $10 worth of TLOS in 24 hours
SPONSORSHIP TO kanda 4 level (80% of the users of TELOKANDA) will cost $15 worth of TLOS in 24 hours
SPONSORSHIP TO kanda 5 level (100% of the users of TELOKANDA) will cost $20 worth of TLOS in 24 hours



Accounts on TELOKANDA will be called kanda or kandas in plural and registering a telokanda account is completely free!

The Users of telokanda network (telokandians) will be given five main categories of telokanda accounts, ranging from kanda 1, kanda 2, kanda 3, kanda 4 and kanda 5 t

KANDA 1 ACCOUNTS: These are users whose telokanda accounts are holding below 1,000 TLOS tokens (0–999 TLOS).

KANDA 2 ACCOUNTS: These are users whose telokanda accounts are holding from (1000–14,999) TLOS tokens.

KANDA 3 ACCOUNTS: These are users whose telokanda accounts are holding from (15,000–29,999)TLOS tokens

KANDA 4 ACCOUNTS: These are users whose telokanda accounts are holding from (30,000–44,999) TLOS tokens

KANDA 5 ACCOUNTS: These are users whose telokanda accounts are holding from 45,000 and more TLOS tokens


l Signing up is completely free and Users can sign up using their emails and there will be email verification to aid account recovery in case of lost passwords. SQRL Phone and email verification will be required

l Users will be given unique public account ID and can create User names which will aid some transactions on the telokanda platform

l Users will be given referral links after signing up. Hint: referral links will correspond to their unique ID.

l User will have an e-wallet that will show their balances and will also have records of all their transactions.

l Users can transfer tokens within themselves with 0 gas fee.

l Users can fund their e-wallets with other cryptocurrencies based on the options available, and can convert their funds into any of the native tokens like TLOS, TEDA, KANDA, EOS, STEEM.

l Users can withdraw their funds with any of the withdrawal options available.

l Users will be able to see how much they have earned for referring other users into the platform. Note that users will be rewarded only 5% of what his/her referred earns in rewards.

l Minimum withdrawals is pegged at $1 worth of the token you are withdrawing and a maximum of $100,000 It will be processed automatically.

l Users can transfer funds between themselves by adding the imputing the correct username of the receiver and the registration ID as the memo.

l Users can send, receive, deposit and withdraw their portfolio in the wallet tab.

l Users can upload their avatar and can also write a little info about them in their bio section.

l Users can upload a .jpg, .png, .gif file of not more than 5mb to post their advertisements .

l Users can earn money for taking actions on other peoples ads. Actions like, comments, share to media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.)

l For taking a minimum of 1 action per advert, users will be rewarded in a day 0.5% of the native telokanda tokens (TEDA) which must correspond to the amount of TELOS tokens they are holding.

l User can be rewarded for taking actions on a maximum of 10 advertisement in a day (a day takes the time stamp of GMT+0 hour). Users are also free to take actions on many ads as possible but will only be rewarded for taking action on a maximum of 10 ads in a day.

l Users will deposit TLOS by sending their TLOS to telokanda12 with their user ID as the correct memo/message and can stake their TLOS by clicking stake. Once the TLOS staking is complete, their TLOS will not be made available for them to withdraw any longer until they initiate a kanda downgrade process.

l User can stake TEDA by sending their TEDA to the specified account with their user ID as the correct memo/message

l Telokanda 15 month calender should be counting days and the TEDA reward time using GMT+0 hours should be displayed on top of the telokanda website to guide users.

l Telokanda website must have a notification bar

l Adverts from Kanda 1 accounts are only displayed to the feeds of 20% of the registered users of telokanda, 40% to kanda 2, 60% to kanda 3, 80% to kanda 4, 100% to kanda 5.

l Users can choose their post tags to help other users sort ads based on their tags of interests.


1. Home page: will redirect users to the homepage of their accounts where they will have feeds of adverts posted by other telokanda accounts for them to take actions on.

2. Profile page: will display the profile the user and username, registration ID, user bio etc.

3. Portfolio Dashboard: This is where the user will see and manage all his/her funds and cryptocurrencies, the user can send, receive, deposit or withdraw from this section and can also swap their tokens here

4. How to use telokanda: This tab will display videos linked from YouTube for users to watch and post will also be made there by the telokanda team to teach

5. Ads hub: This is where users can buy and sell ads by posting it themselves to submit and ads has to be approved before it is accepted to appear on the feeds of telokanda users to take actions.

6. Task hub: will be posting task and contest from telokanda and telokanda partners which when they complete the task, they will take screen-shots of it and fill a form on the website, describe the task completed with a minimum of 50 words then upload the screenshot or link to the YouTube video they made to submit.

7. Education hub: This is where telokanda users will get educated about telos, cryptocurrencies and blockchain. It should be made possible that the telokanda team can upload links to youTube videos here, upload images and text to describe the topic being discussed.

8. Entertainment hub: This is were entertainment links from youtube would be embedded to entertain telokanda users. Images and short posts from telokanda can also be uploaded here.

9. Buy TLOS, TEDA, KANDA this tab will open for users to choose to click either or or any other exchange who has these three tokens listed on their website so that telokandians can purchase the coins. Rooms should be made for other exchanges to be added in the future

10. About us

11. Contact us

12. Partner with


Users will be given a referral links that corresponds to their unique registration IDs in order to on board their friends and family (more people) into the platform and each time his/her referred user earns tokens on the platform, he/she will be rewarded 5% of what his/her referred user earns. This 5% of the reward does not in any away affect the real rewards of the referred user.

The person who got referred to the telokanda platform will automatically get 20 TEDA token as sign up bonus on telokanda and the person who also referred another user equally gets 20 TEDA tokens as referral bonus, after which the referrer continues enjoying the 5% of reward for every reward his/her referred user earns.

(Formula: earning from referred user in a day multiplied by 0.005) = amount earned from each referred user


To downgrade a telokanda account from a upper kanda grade to a lower kanda grade, the amount of TLOS token a user is holding in his/her account would be divided by 5 and would be released weekly in five different fraction with respect to the amount TLOS token the account is holding, Then within five (5) weeks the TLOS or TEDA tokens the user was holding in his/her kanda account will become available for liquid transactions when they are released after 5 different .


l The downgrade of any kanda account can be canceled at any time!

l Users can choose between which staked tokens to withdraw, TLOS or TEDA and the same downgrade process will take place.


The token economy of TEDA a native token on telokanda is used to reward users of the Telokanda and other teda platforms, to pay for ads, for transactions like bill payments etc. Just like any other currency.

The inflation of this token will be controlled at good annual printing rate, (APR) to avoid hyper inflation.

The rewards in TEDA tokens given to each telokanda user reduces by 5% each KANDA YEAR (each kanda year is made up of 15 months and the TELOKANDA new year start after every 15 months). This will help reduce the printing of TEDA tokens to add more value to it as time goes on.


The reward in TEDA tokens which each user of Telokanda receive per specified action on telokanda is calculated this way:

0.5% of the amount of TLOS tokens each user’s account is holding

Formula: (0.5/100 × amount of TLOS token a user is holding)


(0.005 × amount of TLOS token a user is holding) = (n TEDA) in rewards!

(0.005 × nTLOS) = nTEDA


For a Kanda account holding 1000 TLOS

(0.005 × 1000) = 5 TEDA per action for users holding 1000 TLOS

NOTE that users can only be rewarded with respect to their type of kanda accounts for a maximum of 10 actions/tasks per day.


TELOKANDA management rewards a maximum of 10 actions per user in a day following GMT+0, making it a minimum of (225 ×10)TEDA tokens a day for Kanda 5 accounts. There is no limit to what amount of TEDA a Kanda 5 account can earn in a day but the rewarded actions are limited to 10.


These are users whose telokanda accounts are holding below 1,000 TLOS tokens (0–999 TLOS).

There is no maximum reward for president accounts of any kanda account level and kanda 5 accounts.

The same process for calculating the maximum profit a kanda account can make in a day is shown using the example above which follows the same process for all as far as the correct formula is used to do the calculations.

More information about telokanda and telokanda advertising dapp can be found on these posts

1. — ( Former edition of telokanda white-paper)

2. — (Telokanda 1.0 current telokanda model)


Emmanuel Patrick aka Empato — Founder and CTO

Mfonobong George aka Citimillz — Co-founder and COO

Zachary Williams aka Ackza Co-founder and CEO

Kathie Romans — Telos Marketing Team

Douglas Thorn — Head of Telos core devs, Telokanda grand sponsor and supporter

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